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Class Descriptions

Swing 1 - Beginner
Welcome to the world of swing! Learn the basics - footwork, leading & following, turns - all you need to enjoy our RSDN dances. We teach swing from scratch - no experience needed!
Swing 2 - Intermediate
Move on from Swing 1 - or come back for a refresher. New 6 & 8 count moves, refining lead, follow & connection skills, and dancing more musically with style - make for more fun on the dance floor!
Swing 3 & Swing 4 - Advanced
You've been out there social dancing and want to move up to that next level. Learn more 8 count moves, work on styling, and dance with great connection - to your partner and the music!
Charleston for Swing Dancers
Incorporate lively, fun Charleston moves right your regular swing dancing!  Charleston: Side-by-side with skip-up, roll-away & reversing variations; hand-to-hand with kick-arounds; back/tandem; closed partner position…
A vintage swing-era dance, done in closed position with easy smooth footwork, Bal connects you with your partner and captures the lilt of the music, whatever its speed - allowing dancers at any level to calmly dance to blazingly fast tempos with ease!
Dancing to Slow Blues
There's nothing quite as much fun as blues dancing! Learn how to be comfortable moving & groovin' to those slow, bluesy tunes. This class will do wonders for your lead & follow skills, styling and musicality! No prior experience needed.
Waltz Variations
There is nothing quite so passionate & exhilarating as waltzing, traveling to the pulsing waltz rhythm. You know waltz basics and are ready for more - Leader & follower turns, hesitations, pivots, cross-overs, twinkles/ serpentine, box step, turning waltz…
Swing Line Dances

Shim Sham
Jitterbug Stroll


Zydeco Workshops
Been faking it? Master this wonderfully satisfying partner dance that perfectly compliments the powerful & intricate rhythms of Louisiana Zydeco music - the hot dance that looks so cool and feels so good! Beginner, intermediate and advanced workshops.
Cajun /Zydeco Waltz <Intro to Waltz>
Dancing to the beautiful, syncopated waltz melodies of traditional Cajun/Creole music is a truly joyous experience! Learn waltz basics and fun variations - no prior dance experience necessary.
Cajun Two-Step & Jitterbug
Learn to dance the Two-Step to lively, syncopated Cajun dance-hall music’s hot pulsing rhythms – then switch into Jitterbug and back again to Two-Step during a dance - no prior experience necessary.
Social Salsa
Discover the lively multiple rhythms of Latin music, and move those hips accordingly! Learn the Salsa basic step, turns & breaks, fun variations – and what else you can do for slower & faster Latin music. Taught from scratch.
Private Lessons -
Improve your dancing and enjoy it more!  Learn better with individualized attention, review what you're learning in group classes, get back into dancing if you've been away, introduce dancing to "reluctant" dancers.
Wedding Dance -
Step into the spotlight with confidence! We will create a beautiful dance customized to your wedding song in only 1 or 2 private lessons that fit your schedule.

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